Widespread use of cannabis in Jamaica and the low prevalence of HIV disease

The Company was founded in 1999 based on this observation. Two non-psychoactive cannabinoids are in the development pipeline.


Achieving Quiescence

A New Paradigm in the Treatment and Prevention of HIV disease

Our drugs target the peripheral cannabinoid receptors which are expressed in the immune system, vaginal tissue and intestinal mucosa leading to a quiescent state which is unfavorable for HIV transmission and replication. 


Results of NIH Funded Research

The results of a NIH R21 grant completed in May of 2016 showed that both of our non-psychoactive cannabinoids had a profound effect on immune parameters as well as the vaginal tissue itself whether applied to its surface or to the supporting medium. These results suggest that the oral delivery of the drug could be more effective than a topical application which will result in lower costs and increased compliance particularly in the developing world where the use of topical agents for the prevention of HIV in clinical trials had not been widely embraced. The lead drug has proved to be  metabolically stable with an 80% survival  after being cultured for  two hours in human microsomes which supports an oral dosing regimen.  

Mission Statement

That in the context of a global need for HIV prevention and treatment, the cost of our drugs will not be a barrier to their  use. Our goal is to bring the drug to the developing world at a cost  which will be negligible  to the poorest of the poor especially for the prevention of HIV. 

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