Widespread use of cannabis in Jamaica and the low prevalence of HIV disease

The Company was founded in 1999 based on this observation. Two non-psychoactive cannabinoids are in the development pipeline.

Achieving Quiescence

A New Paradigm in the Treatment and Prevention of HIV disease

Our drugs target  the immune response rather than the virus by activating the peripheral cannabinoid receptors leading to a quiescent state which is unfavorable for HIV transmission and replication. 

Results of NIH Funded Research

Two patents have been issued based on results of the results of a NIH R21 grant completed in May of 2016. An article is in preparation for publication  showing that both of our non-psychoactive cannabinoids increase the barrier function of a vaginal tissue construct. The results suggest that the oral delivery of the drug will be more effective than a topical application which will result in lower costs and increased compliance. The lead drug  proved to be stable in metabolic studies. 

Mission Statement

 That in the context of a global need for HIV prevention and treatment,  the cost of our drugs will not be a barrier to their  use. Our goal is to bring the drug to the developing world at a cost of 10¢ or less per day. We will continue to find ways to bring the costs down. 

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