Management and Board of Directors

Craig R. Travis, M.D. CEO and President

Craig R. Travis, M.D.,  Although he has been a practicing board certified emergency physician for more than forty years, the six years which he spent in Negril Jamaica from 1988 until 1994, have made the most lasting impression on his life - seeing first hand, the stark reality of health care delivery in the developing world -  its costs and its limitations based on cultural norms and simple economics. 

While practicing there he established The Stretcher Board Program, a prototypic first responder program in Negril which laid the groundwork for the development of the island’s first emergency medical system. As a founding member of the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society and Fshermen’s Cooperative, Negril now has a Marine Park.  

As an inventor and innovator, he has won four patents for the use of synthetic, non-psychoactive derivatives of THC for the treatment and prevention of HIV. Given his deep understanding of the pharmacologic activities of this class of drugs, he will be submitting additional patent applications for other novel uses of the drugs which have not been disclosed in previous patents nor the scientific literature.  Although he strongly believes in the need for  patent exclusivity, he also believes that such a monopoly could lead to the lower costs of drugs  especially when there is a threat such as HIV/AIDS and address the issue of the costs of essential drugs on a global basis. Although antiretroviral therapy has been a great scientific discovery and continues to have benefit, its limitations and failures can only be attributed to its high costs and lack of availability where it is greatest demands remain unmet - the developing world. 

Dr. Travis is fortunate to have assembled an outstanding scientific advisory board, management team and board of directors. With their support, he will be able to focus on the specific achievable goals which will make the use of the lead compounds a reality on a global basis over the next three to five years.  

Bill W. Massey, Ph.D., Executive Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs

 Dr. Massey is a neuropharmacologist, pharmacogeneticist, life sciences professional, senior executive and entrepreneur. Dr. Massey received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and subsequently was an investigator at the Pritzker School of Medicine’s Drug Abuse Research Center at The University of Chicago. Dr. Massey holds long-standing adjunct faculty appointments at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology and Interdisciplinary Toxicology) and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry). 

Dr. Massey has previously held leadership positions at Merck, Astra Merck, Quintiles, Scirex, Astra Zeneca, Scientific Commercialization, Litmus Molecular Design, SureGene, and GeneAlign. He has played a leadership role placing  28 new drugs into human testing and  in bringing 8 new drugs onto the market.  Dr. Massey held the Jack Martin, MD Research Professorship in Psychopharmacology at Vanderbilt University, where he conducted research into the genetics, biological basis and pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia and serious mental illness in collaboration with Dr. Herbert Y. Meltzer.  Dr. Massey has also served as Chief Science Officer at Opiate Treatment Centers of America.  In addition to his position with CadiraMD, Dr. Massey is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Feinberg School of Medicine’s Dept. of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Northwestern University where he continues his research collaboration with Dr. Meltzer.

Elizabeth Fenjves, Ph.D., Executive Vice-President, Chief Scientific Officer

 Dr. Elizabeth Fenjves has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from SUNY at Stony Brook and has done extensive research and education in gene therapy of metabolic disorders. Apart from her commitment to academics she headed the Innovation Office of the University of Miami for 5 years. In that capacity she had the opportunity and privilege to help commercialize new discoveries and translate them from bench to bedside.  She had her own startup to help entrepreneurs in various stages of commercialization and joined Immugen in 2014 to help further its goals not only at the bench but also in strategic planning.  

Board of Directors

Craig R. Travis, M.D., Chairman of the Board

Bill W. Massey, Ph.D. 

David Fater, CPA -  David also founded and has served as Chief Executive Officer of ALDA & Associates International, a management services firm focused on life sciences and healthcare since its inception in January 1993. Since 1993, his experience resulted in the development of broad relationships with physicians and physician groups across the country. Prior to the formation of ALDA he was an international business advisor to senior management and boards of directors as a senior international partner during a 24-year career with Ernst & Young from January 1969 to December 1992. His book Essentials of Corporate and Capital Formation was recently published by Wiley & Sons. David is a Certified Public Accountant.    

Harry McQuire - Harry has an extensive background in business, finance, and managment. He has been an officer in the Air Force, the president of a construction company in the Caribbean, and the founder of The Power Place which is a chain of locations selling emergency power equipment. He most recently was a partner in ABCB (American Business Consulting and Brokerage) specializing in finance, mergers and acquisitions. He is also an author.  

Sheila Lee Schwartz - Sheila Schwartz, a medical social worker (NYU 1978) and International Development Consultant in Asia and Africa.(Harvard Kennedy School of Government 1980). She has been a business development specialist since 1980. She has worked in Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa with Ministries of Health and Economic Development, as well as in Asia, where she was US Refugee Coordinator for Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. In 1990’s she worked with the government of Hungary, Ukraine, Armenia, and developed economic and privatization plans for development. She was a professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business Development at Pace University, World Trade Center New York, and Fashion Institute of Technologies. At present, she is President of Lots of Yachts and Spots, and she manages and markets meetings for international executives, entrepreneurs, and technology companies, utilizing unique venues and yachts for major meetings, fundraisers, and special events